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Our shipments are entrusted exclusively to the GLS. Other types of shipments are not available. The company GLS gives us the ability to ship our goods with the timing of 24H to 48H for Italy and the islands , SARDINIA and SICILY.

Orders received are entrusted to the carrier by 13.00 . The courier does not deliver on public holidays and at weekends (Saturday and Sunday).
Orders dispatched on Friday will be delivered by courier on Monday .
Our shipments are monitored through tracking code that is generated when you complete your order , simply enter the code of your order in the box provided to display the status of your shipment .

It is important that you know that:

The Ru -steel srl adopts a service of home delivery of Espresso (the delivery is made within 24 to 48 hours max when you entrust your package to the courier , except for orders placed over the weekend, where the delivery takes place in 48 hours ) . If your order is duly processed and shipped , you will receive the order confirmation e-mail containing a link to access the convenient online tracking , with which you can track the status of your shipment already in the evening , after 20 hours .

If you live on a high floor the carrier is required to deliver on the ground and you're not obliged to recover the parcel on the ground floor of the building.

If delivery is not made within 24/48 hours , it is likely that the address given is not correct or is incomplete , or the recipient is absent . In any case, the carrier is required to leave a notice of the passage , which is given a phone number to call to ask for a second passage for which there are no additional costs .
The courier may NOT offer to go to pick up your package at the branch
The carrier is obliged to deliver the parcel personally . Under no circumstances can let you out the door or in the garden.
At any time, you can still call the appropriate office assigned to you , as indicated in our confirmation e-mail , and ask for an explanation .
The couriers are required to repeat the delivery.
After two delivery attempts to empty , the package should be in stock .
When a delivery goes " in Amount" ourselves to contact you, unlock the stock and we will ensure that your package is delivered as soon as possible .. Again not you are required to pay anything but just waiting for the parcel to be put over.

In addition, you are required to :
Do not expect the delivery at a specific time

Do not expect the phone contact , the carrier is not required to call you prior to delivery , if not to get directions to your destination.
Our customer service is available for further clarification on the number 02 95735269 or contact us via email at
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