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A company serving customers and innovation

A strong tradition
At RU-STEEL We specialize in the study and construction of transmission couplings . Experience gained at the end of the fifties , has allowed us to create products of absolute competitiveness and successfully assert our presence in the domestic and overseas market .

A commitment to quality and technology
Since the first coupling the philosophy of RU-STEEL has been to design and manufacture a full range of shaft couplings (from 40 Nm to 1.52055 million , ranging from " flexible couplings " to " self-lubricating gear couplings " to " joints glued " to the " super elastic joints " ) in order to satisfy all customer requirements. This philosophy became an engineer for our ongoing commitment to improving our products in order to provide the user with maximum functionality, durability and affordability.

A secure presence

At RU-STEEL with the continuous improvement of production, careful marketing policy and a network of distribution and service more and more qualified , we are close to the needs of customers who repay us every day fond of staying there .

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